A remark for the founder

Mr. Chaminda Sampath Samaraweera has started his career as an experienced auditor in the field of Accountancy and qualified as a Certificate Business Accountant (CBA) from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka. In addition to the membership of the Association of Accounting Technicians (MAAT), he is a Diploma Holder in the fields of video editing and video production technology from the Government Printing Institute and University of Vocation Training respectively. He is currently following the Degree in B.Tec Film & Television Production and having double qualifications in these two professional fields of Accountancy and Video creation.

He had potential artistic talents as an artist from his childhood and could start his long journey as a professional announcer, lyrist, dramatist and screen play writer from year 2002. The drama of “Guru Horu” in 2007, “Delowak Athara” in 2010, “Titanic “political comedy in 2011 are the main stage dramas of him and he could succeed the tele- field as an actor in the “Sonduru Dadayama” short drama in 2012 and as a screen play writer in the “Sith Ru Geththama “ Punchi Kalakaruwa” dramas in 2013.

Mr. Chamindara Sampath, having stepped towards a new pathway as a Cameraman from year 2011, creatively capturing very tiny close ups in the nature to his lense , is looking eagerly to bring forward the first tele drama of “Nidan Wasthu” directed by himself, on behalf of the audience.

Special Thanks

Mahesh Udaya Kumara

Director (MUK Production House) Professional Videographer / Photographer

Dear friend,

We appreciate your corporation with our whole heart and our heartiest wish is to become the creative identical remark you recorded in the Sri Lankan media filed, a global remark.